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Edmonton-based Altameda formed out of a recording session for singer-songwriter Troy Snaterse, but quickly became a group effort to create something new. Despite the four-piece finding their roots in various genres, they felt compelled to blend their individual styles with the Canadiana sound that shaped their younger years. During the sessions for the group’s debut LP, Dirty Rain, it was clear that the band felt a chemistry that only arrives through shared experiences.

Dirty Rain was produced and recorded by Jeff Kynoch at Sound Extractor studios and reached #1 on the CKUA Radio Top 30 Charts. Songs such as ‘Queen of the Street’, ‘Dirty Rain’ and ‘Borrowed Suit, Secondhand Dress’ speak to bar-room revellers, country travellers, and lovelorn troubadours.

“Altameda’s Dirty Rain is the perfect summer soundtrack” - Exclaim!

“...Altameda is a modern-day throwback to some of the greatest musical sounds ever recorded.” - Canadian Beats

“I was immediately swept away by the classic Americana feel of Altameda’s Dirty Rain. It’s alt-country poetry in the highest form.” -

“As soon as I heard their first song, I knew I had a new band-crush. They manage to sound classic and new at the same time, like Blue Rodeo crossed with War On Drugs.” - Gus Van Go (Producer)

"Did Tom Petty invent classic rock? Did Bruce Springsteen invent arena rock? No. At times though, they’ve both done it to near perfection. Altameda didn’t invent country rock either, but if they take the songwriting chops displayed on their first album Dirty Rain and charge it with their onstage energy, the album they have in the works for 2017 might launch them out of ‘my hometown’ and into ‘the great wide open.’" - Levi Manchak (for Beatroute Magazine)

"Tinged with country and accented with Americana, Edmonton’s Altameda revel in western twang ‘n’ jangle. Whether it’s in a borrowed suit or a secondhand dress, the band is dead-set on repurposing classic hooks against the vibrant backdrop of their prairie sound." – Sled Island Festival

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